Benefits Of Devops Training

The interaction between people, process, and technology is something that has become important in this day and age. Those who are not using these concepts to power their way to the top are not doing enough.

You want to look at DevOps training as a way to change how things are going to be done in your life.

What does this training do that you are not going to get through other methods? This is a question some will ask as they should be.

You will get a lot including the following three factors that will change your viewpoint.

1) Emphasis On Data Retention

The data retention that is going to come out of this training is what you are going to learn to use what is being done next. It is not about right now, but about the next step that is being taken.

You are going to learn what it means to look at the data and then change the things you are doing. It is not always about major change, but about the minor tweaks that you will be making.

It will be all that you need to keep going and make the most of your training as time goes on.

2) Increased Quality

It is not just about data retention or efficiency, but about making sure, you are getting proper quality out of the work that is being done. You should be able to notice a change in how things are done and how they come out once you have completed them. If you are not able to spot this, you are not going to be happy.

The DevOps training is going to give you a way to benefit from these intricacies.

You will adore the value you end up getting in the long-term.

The quality is going to be exemplary.

3) Efficient

The set up might take time, but once you are in, you will be able to make simple changes and keep things going. This is what the training is going to teach you. It is going to tell you what is needed to be efficient.

Isn’t that what businesses are going for? The goal is to save time and money. If that is what is required, this training is a requisite and should not be shunned. Those who are looking to remain efficient should be thinking about this as fast as they can.

DevOps training is the way of the future, and most people are getting behind it because of how quick the processes are. It just makes sense to use this for all ventures that are being created. The regular approach is not going to cut it now, and those who are using it will lose out. You have to put in more, and this training is going to teach you all of the ways that you can maximize this potential that you have to be efficient.

Break it down and make sure you are learning the nuances before moving forward.

Learning SEO Strategies Is Easier Than Ever Before

Are you currently trying to achieve a top position for your website, or perhaps multiple positions for each of your pages? If you haven’t had a lot of luck doing this, and it has been several months without having any results, you might be missing a few key strategies that can help you. The benefit of learning search engine optimization today is that it is so much easier than it was just a few years ago. Part of the reason has to do with the sheer volume of experts that exists right now, many of which offer this information for free. Although the most powerful techniques may be reserved for paying customers, you can actually use most of the freely available ones to get good results. Let’s look at why it’s easier to learn today, and what these search engine optimization strategies actually are that can move you to the top of the search engine listings.

Why Learning SEO Is So Simple

If you do subscribed to several different newsletters, or visit a search engine optimization website that is regularly updated with a blog, you are likely seen many different strategies that seem similar. This is because they are all learning from each other, and sharing this information, perhaps adding a unique twist to make the technique that they are presenting officially their own. An example of this would be teaching people how to embed videos into each of the pages on their website, and then explain why this is beneficial. Some of them will tell you that it helps improve your chances of ranking on the first page, whereas others will say that it will speed up the process of achieving a top ranking. All of those reasons are true and valid. It is by learning from multiple people, even if they are presenting similar strategies, that you can get the full picture of what must be done. It will also present the picture of the results you can expect from utilizing the strategies that are being taught.

So What Are These Strategies?

There are quite a few strategies that are used by every professional SEO expert today, most of which have a subtle change here and there. An example of a technique that all webmasters and search engine optimization specialists are using is the outbound link to authority strategy. For some reason, the search engine spiders are always looking for websites that are pointing to other websites that are similar to their own. Additionally, if the website that their link is pointing to is actually a top ranking site for the same keyword that you are trying to rank for, this will somehow improve your position. This has been learned through trial and error, and also looking at some of the top ranking websites online which have a multitude of links pointing to other websites. It would seem that a directory website has more clout or power than one that does not have any outbound links, and therefore adding links pointing away from your website is actually a good thing to do.

How Do You Implement Them

Many of these websites will teach you how to implement these strategies as well. They will take each one, show you why it works, and then provide an article or a video on what you need to do next. The most in-depth information will obviously come from paid courses, but you can learn what to do from online websites and newsletters. For a great program go to, it’s one of the best. An example of this would be learning how and where to position images on your website in order to get the maximum results. It has been shown that placing an image right below your initial text, making sure that it is seen above the fold, is the most apropos location for an image in regard to search engine rankings. By looking at what other people have done, and implementing what they tell you to do, you can discover whether or not it works. You may also find websites where people are commenting on the strategies that have been presented, and based upon their results, you can use the ones that are working right now.

There are so many ways that you can learn how to do SEO, both free and paid strategies. For those that would prefer not learning how to do any of this at all, there is always a search engine optimization specialist or company that will be willing to do this for you for a price. If your goal is to generate more targeted visitors from organic traffic on the search engines, learning these different techniques is of utmost importance. It is also important to simply pay someone to do this for you if you don’t want to do this on your own because without top rankings you are never going to take your website and business to the next level.


Confluence of the Christian Faith and the Lean Philosophy

This past Wednesday I was stricken with a kidney stone on my left side. If you’ve never experienced one of these, let me tell you, it ain’t no picnic.A kidney stone is a small (normally 1 -6 mm) sand-like grain produced over time in one’s kidney that leaves that organ and travels through the ureter toward the bladder.  Most of the pain is encountered when the stone travels through the ureter.  It normally subsides when the stone enters the bladder and then is passed through the urethra and out of the body.  In most cases this takes 1-2 days.  In mine, about 2.5.


The pain can be excruciating.  I’ve never felt anything like it – not knee injuries, post-surgical recoveries, illnesses.  Think of someone grabbing you by the organs of your lower back and squeezing them with all their strength and refusing to let go…  for one or two days.  Women who have had children – in this case, nurses – told me that kidney stones were the only experience they ever had that was as painful as childbirth.  At least the ladies get a cuddly lovable baby.  All us guys can hope for is a little rock.  Anyway, guys, let’s be grateful for women.  If it were up to us to give birth our species would be much less prolific.  Fortunately, healthcare providers have pain-relievers and can provide care to help you through the experiences and make you reasonably comfortable until the stone is passed.  My first couple of hours were horribly painful, but my caregivers at the hospital where I received care had my pain under control very soon after they had assessed my condition and took appropriate action.Like any leanster, I took notice, somewhat, of the processes around me.  A good part of the time I was so uncomfortable (nausea, pain, etc.) that it was hard to deeply comprehend what was going on around me.  Let me be clear.  I am not going to use this post to criticize their performance.  The level of effort and caring I received was excellent.  The fact that they work in some processes that need improving is normal – we all have that.  What I do want to speak to is their openness to the fact that they realized there was room for improvement and their desire to make it happen.Like any organization, this hospital operates using the processes and tools they developed and/or purchased to deliver care – developed by humans to care for humans, all with the best intentions.

So, upon hearing one nurse tell me of the numerous key strokes she needed to make in order to access my medication record, and the vigilance she needed to have in order to keep from getting booted from that record once she accessed it, I acknowledged her frustration and explained to her what what lean in healthcare is about.  I gave her very much the Reader’s Digest version, with much of the emphasis on work flow and coaching people in applying lean thinking, all with the intent of delivering value to the patients.  She was very receptive, even though she had come from SAT prep Santa Monica.   Not in a way that was patronizing because I was a patient.  She was definitely genuine.  In fact, I had a couple of more opportunities to explain lean in healthcare during my 3-day stay, and I was pleased to see the interest the caregivers had, not only because they understood how it could make their work better, but for what it could do for their patients.  They got it, right off.For me this only reinforced the notion that if it is explained reasonably fully and accurately, emphasizing the whys, the purpose, and the benefits it brings for patients and staff, people will generally be receptive.  Who wouldn’t want to be trained, coached, and asked to make their own improvements to their work – given control over it to become elite waste busters?

Yet, I’m confident that lean loses its foothold early in journeys where it is not properly explained and the opportunity for open discussion isn’t had as the journey begins or continues.  The need for communication is frequent and must be continuous, with daily affirmation.  We’ve read of so many success stories (Seattle Children’s, Virginia Mason, Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative, Mercy Hospitals in Iowa, University of Michigan, etc.).My experience also reinforced the notion that healthcare people are NOT extrinsically motivated.  When someone is in something for the paycheck it’s clear by their demeanor.  It’s very hard to fake.  They chose their profession because their nature is to be caring and compassionate, which is one of the major reasons I’ve chosen to coach lean in healthcare.


Waving dollar incentives in front of them is a waste of time.  Give them some lean training and practice and turn them loose on fixing processes if you really want to see things happen.  They are motivated by the right things.  Their first line of thinking is, “How can I help?”  It’s not, “What can you do for me?”  These are my kind of people, and I’m very proud to be associated with them.“Instead, let love make you serve one another.  For the whole Law is summed up in one commandment: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Galations 5: 13-14.